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Prete X GRIPSKIN Coping - Set of 4

8.00 EUR

Simplicity molded into a beautiful piece of functionality!

Prete and GRIPSKIN are working together to offer you the best coping experience.

There is no easier way to upgrade your vert ramp! If you are looking for coping to give you that buttery and super realistic grind feeling, Prete X GRIPSKIN coping is the way to go!

Simply use a strip of double sided tape to install the coping onto your ramp and you are ready to shred. No modifications to your ramp is needed and it can be converted into it's original state at any time!

Made to fit perfectly onto Blackriver-Ramps Pocket Quarter (4 pieces each side), Pocket Winkler (4 pieces each side), Winkler Mini (6 pieces each side) and any other ramps that use metal copings.

Each coping is 50mm long, 25mm wide and 8mm high.

The Prete Decks version is made out of a 'ceramic' type material. If you want a more rugged cencrete feel, check out the GRIPSKIN version here:

This set includes 4 pieces.

Please take a look at the "Pictures" page for more product images.

Handmade in Germany.