Why decks? Why not wheels, trucks, bushings or tape? In my opinion, the deck is the center piece, the heart of every fingerboard. It defines the ride, highlights your style and tells a lot about the type of fingerboarder you are. It is the 

heartpiece of our passion.

After making my first fingerboard deck in 2003, I realized how much the deck can influence the fingerboarding experience and immediately fell in love with wide variety of options deckmaking presents. Fingerboarding itself is fun, but combining it with something else like woodworking makes it even more intriguing. Changing the measurements, shape, material, placement of holes etc. all have an effect on how the deck rides, and the quest to find the perfect combination has become a world of its own to get lost in. Also, there is a special beauty to working with wooden veneers that fascinated me right from the start.
Some of you will know Prete Decks with metal bottom plies, carbon plies, decks made from veneer with different thicknesses, shapes like the TR, Kura G2, Toth, 6009, 6010, 6011 – they all show the process of searching for perfect mix of all these components.


"Professional fingerboard decks handmade in Germany since 2003"


Since the beginning, Prete Decks has been focused on crafting up to date, performance based fingerboard decks for the worldwide community.

Each Prete Deck is composed of a carefully hand selected blend of 5 grade A veneers with varying thickness, united by premium compound materials with an unique custom mold. A special high solid hardwax oil finish underlines the beauty of the wooden grain with a silky smooth shine.

 Placing high importance in the handmade process, great attention to detail is assured during each step by implementing original methods of craftmanship performed with modern tools. 

Supporting international events and teamriders ensures regular feedback from the best fingerboarders around the world, allowing Prete Decks to continuously upgrade and adapt wherever possible. 

A Brief Prete History
2003-2005 : Prototyping and Testing | Hardcore Mold
2006 : TR Mold (Taylor Rosenbauer) | Official Registered Company
2007 : Kura & Kura G2 Mold | Metal Bottom Plies | Official Prete Logo by Lukas Kirkdorffer
2008 : Kura Street Mold | 'Around the Wold' Teamvideo
2009 : Thoth Mold | Engraved Graphics
2010-2011 : Creative Break
2012-2013 : 6009 Mold | Carbon Top Plies | Woodprint Graphics
2014-2017 : 6009R2 Mold | Laser Etched Graphics
2018-2019 : 6010 Mold | 15 Years Prete Decks
2020-2021 : 6010R2low Mold | Prete Decks X GRIPSKIN Coping
2022 : 6011 Mold | Prete Bricks
2023 : "20 Years Prete" Celebration Decks