The idea behind the Prete Decks X GRIPSKIN coping is simple: It allows you to apply coping to your miniramp – without having to make any modifications to the ramp itself!

The most important feature is the groove on the front of the coping, that will fit on top of any metal coping that protrudes over the upper edge of the ramp.

Each coping is 50 mm long, 24 mm wide and 8 mm high, with a Prete, GRIPSKIN or Collabo logo imbedded. The super smooth surface makes for a great grinding feel.

Whereas coping from Prete is made from a white ceramic-like material, GRIPSKIN uses materials that result in a concrete like look and feel.

The coping will fit Blackriver-Ramps Pocket Winkler and Pocket Quarter perfectly, but will also work with Winkler Mini and many other ramps with protruding metal coping. 4 pieces will cover one side of a BRR Pocket Quarter, a Winkler Mini requires 6 pieces per side.